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We provide our services to schools located in Suphan Buri and surrounding areas. We are always looking for candidates to fill positions as teachers from countries whose native language is English; such as Canada, United States, Australia, and England.

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you are likely to get many different answers. There is one thing they will all agree on though; we deliver outstanding personal interactions with each and every teacher.


T.S.E.T.A. is a Thai limited company registered in Thailand. We are an international teachers recruitment agency. We work with schools recruiting employees and help place and foresee the hiring of new teachers.

Currently we specialize in finding and placing new teachers in Central Thailand to teach the English language.

Some schools have an advanced English program which can include Math, Science, Health, Social Studies and Art.

Whether you want to be here for one term or a year, TSETA can help you have the experience of a life time!

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We want to help maximize your school's performance. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our human resource experts so we can determine what your school needs.

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, training, salaries, and employee relations.

We can provide one or all services to assist your particular needs.